If you're a singer, you can learn many of the skills you need through years of formal training or take expensive private lessons to work on your craft - but what about the things you'll have to learn on the job - once formal training stops?

How do I introduce and present myself onstage?

How do I record a professional demo or release an album online?

Where can I get feedback on my new act before I show it to an audience?

How do I handle nerves?

What should I say between the songs?

Drawing on over fifteen years experience, Writer and Performer Marcus Reeves can help, with realistically priced one-to-one sessions tailor-made for you.

As well as working on practical performance skills, Marcus provides bespoke video and audio production and editing services and can give advice and instruction to beginners on a wide range of programmes, websites and services relevant to performers.

Whatever area you feel you need help with, book a session today - let's get your act together!