Anna-Marie Sullivan wanted to record some demos for her Spotlight and Casting Call Pro profiles to showcase to potential agents, producers and casting directors. We spent an afternoon working on them in the studio, concentrating on what singing styles suited each song and brought out the best of her vocal range.


'I’ve used other studios in the past but much preferred the quality of the recordings from Between The Songs. Marcus was able to give his thoughts and direction on the songs and we recorded a few different ways of singing them so I could hear them back and see what worked best. I felt able to try different things and enjoy the studio time.'


Laura Hyde wanted to update her vocal demos and selected two contrasting songs which we recorded over an afternoon with live piano. We re-recorded sections that needed specific attention, working on diction, breath control and clarity of tone and accent. The tracks were then mixed and mastered and posted them directly to Laura's SoundCloud profile for her to showcase to potential agents, producers and casting directors.


'Marcus is wonderful and a great professional. He made me feel relaxed during the whole process and we worked together to get the best takes for my vocal demo. I can't recommend his services enough!'


Despite a long career as an electronic artist, Marc Massive felt very anxious about studio recording and doubted his musical knowledge. We spent a day working through some basic musicianship exercises and addressing his questions about sound checking and working in a studio before recording some demo vocals for his latest EP.


'Marcus offers a really great package for anybody with issues similar to mine, and talks through and offers practical advice and techniques in a relaxed environment. I really can't recommend his new Between The Songs service enough, it's given me a big confidence boost to the point I can't wait to get onstage.'


Inspired by the work of David Lynch, Evelinka Rose wanted to create her own one woman show incorporating movement, music and text. We discussed her ideas then began shaping them into a working script, aiming towards performing extracts from the piece at 'scratch' nights across London.

'Marcus has been brilliant in supporting my ideas, offering excellent new ideas, helping to write and also direct my show. He has been an integral part of my creative process and is very patient, insightful and good fun. I recommend Marcus and his many diverse skills to anyone who is seriously looking to develop a piece of work and take it to a professional level.'


Marcus has worked on practical performance skills with artists including: Evelinka Rose (Cabaret Playroom), Gareth Edward (Suburbaret), Katie McHardy (Cabaret Confidential) and Tom Carradine (Wilton's Music Hall).

He has managed social media campaigns for Teri West (Cabaret Confidential) and Wandsworth Fringe and designed and managed websites for Michael Roulston and Sarah-Louise Young.

He has recorded vocal reels for Anna-Marie Sullivan, Laura Hyde and Sean Mullaney and filmed and edited showreels and promo videos for David Mills, Carradine’s Cockney Singalong, Excess All Areas, Holestar, Virgin Xtravaganzah, Mychelle Colleary, Suburbaret, Fiona Coffey and Barb Jungr. View his editing showreel here.